What to do

Sometimes there’s so much to do that you don’t know what to do, and you don’t have a clue, and what’s the right thing for you? It can make one kinda blue.

Bali, Ubud: Love, Pray, Eat – a cooking school experience (7/3/2017) - I’ll set the scene for you. This trip to Bali was my first one this year. It was a big one for me, both in size (3 weeks) and financially. I knew I couldn’t afford to travel again until I had it out of the way. This meant, however, that I felt sort of out … Continue reading Bali, Ubud: Love, Pray, Eat – a cooking school experience
Bali: Jambali Café Bali’s first Caribbean restaurant (7/2/2017) - A charming taste of the Caribbean located in Bali's Ubud. I sample the cuisine twice and talk with the owner, Jamaica born Michele.
London: a look into the three travel cafés of London Waterloo (4/23/2017) - A look at three travel themed cafés in Waterloo, London. Perfect for a chatting, trip planning or remote working.
London: Maltby Market – Europe’s best food market? (4/20/2017) - Possibly one of my favourite food markets in London; a small and perfectly formed strip of gorgeous food and good vibes. A short walk from London Bridge station.
Traditionally British foods to try on your next trip to the UK (3/19/2017) - Traditional and typically British dishes to try on your next trip to the the UK. From afternoon tea and English breakfasts, to Sunday Roasts and Curries?
London: Chukus – Nigerian Tapas restaurant (2/18/2017) - This Nigerian tapas style restaurant based in London is a must-do for foodies in search of something a little different.
Useful websites for finding work abroad (2/18/2017) - Don't have the savings to travel? Or perhaps you're keen to continue your career path while doing so. Here's a list of useful websites for finding work abroad or remote work.
Paris: Shakespeare & Company bookstore and home for writers (2/7/2017) - The dream of book-lovers and writers: a charming and famous bookstore home to literary legends. Writers can live here in exchange for their words...
(Re)visiting the Magic of Berlin (1/22/2017) - A guest post from my friend and writer, Grace! A recap of her several visits to Berlin and the pieces of magic she's found along the way. Includes restaurants, bars and a bit of culture.
Eco Companion: the search engine for sustainable travellers (1/7/2017) - Just what exactly is Ecotourism, Green Travel and Sustainable Tourism? Meet Max Sinclair, creator of Eco Companion to demystify the topic and learn about the website.
Berlin: Milja und Schäfa café (1/5/2017) - My favourite café in Berlin. Serving German full english, homemade pasta and a smile, every time. Close to Ostkreuz station.
Berlin: Glory Duck (Asian food) (1/5/2017) - Asian restaurant on lively road in Friedrichshain, East Berlin. Not a 'gamble' meal, really good.
Jordan: hiking in Petra and the oldest bar in the world (12/7/2016) - Explore Petra via a 6 hour hike, then chill out at the oldest bar in the world. (includes personally recommended tour guide from me)
Jordan: Hikayet Sitti (homemade food experience) (12/7/2016) - Located in Madaba, Jordan 'The City of Mosaics' Hikayet Sitti is a home offering authentic food cooked by a local Jordanian family. The food? Brilliant.
Montseny Mountains: hiking just outside of Barcelona (12/4/2016) - A low intensity hike 1 hour from Barcelona, a great way to see more of Catalonia on a short trip to this famous city.
Brussels: Inzia restaurant (Congolese) (11/28/2016) - Quality African (Congolese) restaurant in Ixelles, Brussels. Features local art and live music on Saturdays.
Barcelona: photography tour (for professionals or amateurs) (11/21/2016) - Barcelona photography tour for beginners or professionals; fantastic guide who really brings out your creativity and offers bespoke tips for Barcelona.
Barcelona: a night of homemade Paella and live music (11/16/2016) - A night of homemade food, good company and live music ran by a Barcelona local. Only 20€...
London, Spitalfields: Pizza Union – cheapest pizza in town? (11/7/2016) - This just may be the cheapest and quickest good pizza place in London, just a short walk from Liverpool Street station.
London, Camden: Mango Room – fancy Carribean restaurant (10/29/2016) - Fancy Carribean restaurant with great selection of rum cocktails - a stones' throw away from Camden Town station.
London, Waterloo: The White Hart – traditional roast dinner (10/24/2016) - A traditional British roast dinner on a quiet road in London, Waterloo. Also a short walk from London Southbank.
A walk with wisdom: journeying 40km in the UK South Downs (10/21/2016) - Why hike? Me getting lost, then finding a friend during a gruelling but rewarding 40km hike in UK South Downs.
Amsterdam: Melkweg club (10/13/2016) - Guaranteed good night out in Amsterdam. Encore night on Saturday is great for Hip Hop and R'n'B but they also host many different music genres.
London: German Gymnasium (European) – the most beautiful restaurant in the world (10/5/2016) - Fancy european cuisine located in London's Kings Cross; also named most beautiful restaurant in the world 2016.
UK: Box Hill Hike | Hiking at Home (9/25/2016) - Free challenging 8 mile hike in Box Hill, Surrey. 1 hour from London with stunning views.
London, Stratford: Signorelli café (9/20/2016) - Magical Italian café and baking school in Stratford, London with great views. Nicely located near to the Olympic park and Westfield shopping centre.
London: Share My Local ‘it’s only a coffee’ | an interview (9/11/2016) - Learn how meeting a local can make your travel experience better (through this free service!)
Gijón, Asturias: Playa de San Lorenzo (beach) (9/5/2016) - Gorgeous beach in Gijón, Asturias. Tip on ice cream parlour recommend by a local included.
Asturias, Spain: Descenso del Sella (kayaking festival) (9/5/2016) - A kayaking festival in authentic Spanish small town for professionals and amateurs - great and different activity for the summer!
London: Ristorante Olivelli (Italian food) (9/2/2016) - A short walk from Waterloo station and London South Bank, this is the perfect detour for someone who appreciates Italian food! Service is great.