Meet the Travellers Series

Question: so who are these elusive travellers who journey the world and do awesome stuff?? Answer: they’re just the same as you and me! Follow Meet The Travellers series on Instagram.

Meet the Travellers is a series profiling travellers from different backgrounds, talking about how they do it, why they do it, and how it’s contributed to their life in a positive way. Aside from fun travel tales, I get them to get useful with their chat – offering you guys some real takeaways for your own endeavours. Looking for their go-to travel apps or most useful item? Scroll down my friends…

Meet The Travellers: Knut “Love passionately, adventure often” (7/14/2017) - Meet Knut, an online entrepreneur who has been travelling for the last 6 years, and is still counting. A gleeful cynic - read how travelling has built his confidence, career and purpose.
Meet the Travellers: Amina “Nothing belongs to anyone we’re all human, all strangers on this earth” (11/7/2016) - Meet Amina, full time biological science PHD student, part time blogger/ vlogger and committed traveller. She travels for fun, education and most importantly, family.
Meet the Travellers: Jade “Why should life be ordinary when it could be extraordinary?” (10/13/2016) - Meet Jade, a free spirit 9 to 5er who works in travel and explores the world in her free moments. A true dreamer and doer, she's built a career in London and avoided being an 'I wish' person at the same time.