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Bali, Ubud: Love, Pray, Eat – a cooking school experience (7/3/2017) - I’ll set the scene for you. This trip to Bali was my first one this year. It was a big one for me, both in size (3 weeks) and financially. I knew I couldn’t afford to travel again until I had it out of the way. This meant, however, that I felt sort of out … Continue reading Bali, Ubud: Love, Pray, Eat – a cooking school experience
Learning to code with the Institute of Code in Bali – a life changing 10 days (5/28/2017) - Why learning to code in 10 days with the Institute of Code was an unforgettable time for me and what to expect if you are considering the course for yourself.
5 of my personal travel poems: World Poetry Day (3/21/2017) - In celebration of World Poetry Day, 5 of my personal travel poems inspired by or on my travels.
Berlin: when the glitter shakes off (1/26/2017) - My realisation about how I romanticised Berlin, what I think now and what I love about this magical city. Includes a lot of photos of Berlin.
(Re)visiting the Magic of Berlin (1/22/2017) - A guest post from my friend and writer, Grace! A recap of her several visits to Berlin and the pieces of magic she's found along the way. Includes restaurants, bars and a bit of culture.
Extraordinary Jordan in 48 hours; my short but unforgettable experience (12/8/2016) - My feelings on going to Jordan and how I made the most of being in this amazing place for only 48 hours.
Back to life with Barcelona – my first real solo trip in 3 years (11/19/2016) - My recent 4 day solo trip to Barcelona, the doubts I had, and why visit this oh-so-famous city?
A walk with wisdom: journeying 40km in the UK South Downs (10/21/2016) - Why hike? Me getting lost, then finding a friend during a gruelling but rewarding 40km hike in UK South Downs.
UK: Box Hill Hike | Hiking at Home (9/25/2016) - Free challenging 8 mile hike in Box Hill, Surrey. 1 hour from London with stunning views.
My deep dark dirty travel secret (4/7/2016) - Letting the cat out of the carry-on! Why was I ashamed of travel and fearful to embracing it fully?