Hello! Hola! Hallo! Salut! Cia- okay you get the idea.

My aim for this is to keep things simple and useful.

My last name is Wade, I’m a travel professional from London and I’ve done a little bit of wading around the world. I want to help make your travels easier. I’m a fan of good food, books, hostels, mixing with locals, learning languages and magical cafés. I’ve also previously lived abroad in Spain and Colombia.

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Deciding to visit different places in the world has been a life-changing experience for me. My mind has opened, learned and I’ve met some of the most awesome people too.

Understanding different cultures, I believe is key to making the world go round. It teaches much about celebrating difference, acceptance and communication.

While all that is nice. Navigating this big bad world can be difficult, and sometimes you just need a recommendation, and a useful source, or two! Whether it is a local wandering on the street, a friend of a friend, or a Lonely Planet guide, I think we can agree that no man is an island.

I’d like to gather some useful knowledge for you, that makes the coach-ride smoother, if you like. I will call on the power of experience, friends and the Internet to equip you for your happy travels!

All standard posts have directions, prices, photos and booking links – so you don’t have to trapse around the internet to find what you need. Also I’ve put together a bunch of ever-evolving directories for booking things such as flights, local experiences and hostels.

So lovely reader, nice to meet you. We are now automatically friends. Enjoy the content. Book that ticket. And lets talk. You can feel free to ask me whatever you like.

Sending good vibes your way,



Read about the moment I decided to start this journey here: My deep dark dirty travel secret.



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